Leather repair

Leather is a natural material and requires special care. We use only top quality and proven products that match the type of leather and are suitable for the degree of soiling. Our staff is specially trained in the application.

The leather is tinted in the original tone using real leather pigments. The leather regains its earlier smoothness through intensive care.

Coloring with true leather pigments according to sample or color chart.

Scratches are filled with liquid leather, the structure is restored with a customized stencil.

Cracks are glued or stitched on the joints and, if necessary, stabilized with fabric on the back.
Holes are sealed with inlays of the original cover. Subsequently, the transitions are laminated with liquid leather and the structure is restored with an individual template.

Antioxidants and UV-repellent compontents of our care products make the leather insensitive to environmental influences. It gets supple and will be protectet from dehydration or fading for a long time.

A seal prevents abrasion and the early formation of wear marks.

Rough or brittle areas are smoothed, deep dry breaks and small cracks are sealed with liquid leather. Faded leather we recolor on request.
Care and sealing make the leather supple again and insensitive to stress and external influences.

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